Fifth International Conference NLP, Corpus Linguistics, Corpus Based Grammar Research. Smolenice, Slovakia, 25-27 November 2009 (From Electronic Corpora to Online Dictionaries (on the example of Bulgarian Language Resources, author: Dimitrova, L.)  

International Workshop “Multilingual resources, technologies and evaluation for Central and Eastern European languages” in conjunction with International Conference RANPL’2009. Borovec, Bulgaria, 17 September 2009 (Bulgarian-Polish-Lithuanian Corpus–Current Development, authors:  Dimitrova, L., Koseska, V., Roszko, D., Roszko, R.)

MONDILEX Third Open Workshop, Bratislava, 15–16 April 2009 (Towards a Consistent Morphological Tagset for Slavic Languages: Extending MULTEXT-East for Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian», authors: Kotsyba, N., Derzhanski, I.)

MONDILEX Fifth Open Workshop, Ljubljana, 14–15 October 2009 (Integrating the Polish Language into the MULTEXT-East Family: Morphosyntactic Specifications, Lexicon and Corpus», authors: Kotsyba, N., Radziszewski, A., Derzhanski, I.)

Open Conference on New Technology Platforms for Learning – Revisited. Budapest, Hungary, January 2009 (Development of a Courseware on Bulgarian Iconography for Ubiquitous On-demand Study, authors: Paneva-Marinova D., L. Pavlova-Draganova, L. Draganov, R. Pavlov, M. Sendova).