Mathematical Linguistics Department

The Department of Mathematical Linguistics is involved in fundamental and applied research in theoretical, computational and mathematical linguistics, human-language technologies, the mathematical and logical foundations of computer science and artificial intelligence, algorithmics, and knowledge technologies. The Department was founded in 1977 (as the Laboratory for Mathematical Linguistics, 1977-1985).

In the last 10 years the research staff of the Department has obtained scientific and applied results in the following domains: Computational linguistics; Theoretical and contrastive linguistics; Methodology of linguistics; Computational morphology; Knowledge discover; Knowledge technologies; Semantic Web; Computational modelling of Bulgarian ethnological and folk historical knowledge; Digital Libraries; e-Learning.

The staff of the Department have been principal lecturers in the fields of Discrete Mathematics, Algorithmics, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Logic, Multimedia and Language Technologies, Mathematical and Computational Linguistics and Applications, in numerous universities in Bulgaria, the rest of Europe, and the USA.

Since the early 1980s the Department has been involved in organising extracurricular activities, conferences and workshops in the domain of its research interests, including contests and seminars in Linguistics (Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational) for secondary school students in Bulgaria and, since 2003, the International Olympiad in Linguistics.

The staff of the Department have authored more than 900 publications in international and national journals and proceedings of international and national conferences, as well as 19 monographs.