Achievements and awards


At the beginning of 2016 Prof. Dr. Vladimir Pericliev from the Mathematical Linguistics Department (IMI-BAS) was awarded the prestigious Sejong Prize for academically distinguished papers of Sejong University, South Korea.

In 2012, Junior Assist. Prof. Dr. Desislava Paneva-Marinova and Assist. Prof. Dr. Detelin Luchev participated in a competition for young scientists and PhD students "The Bulgarian Contribution to Contemporary Research", organized by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Ikuo Hirayama Center. "Open Access to Research in the Republic of Bulgaria" and "FolkDressCode. Preserving the Past for the Future" and reached the final stage of the competition for which they were awarded with diplomas. The project "FolkDressCode. Preserving the Past for the Future" was awarded as the winner in the PhD category.


Important results from investigations (monographies)

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Information and communication sciences and technologies

Discovery systems in diverse linguistic fields (semantics, typology, historical grammar, etc.) are developed. In typology, the first program is built which describes its discoveries as a whole text in English and two such texts are published in a journal without any further human editing. This is the first computer program to generate a scientific article. In the field of historical grammar,  a computer-generated hypothesis is proposed for the existence of genealogical relationship among a language family in South America, on the Atlantic, and a language family, spoken on most islands in the Pacific. The results obtained are important not only for linguistics and computational linguistics, but also for other scientific disciplines such as genetics, archaeology, anthropology and prehistory. These investigations on machine discovery are positively reviewed in leading journals. (Principal investigator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Pericliev)

The result is published in the official report of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for 2011, available here.


A conceptual model of GRID-based European research infrastructure of centers for digital lexicography and their digital language resources is developed. The model covers all types of advanced language technologies and all kinds of digital language resources that should be included in a research infrastructure for Slavic lexicography, namely: grammars, corpora, dictionaries, lexical databases, lexicons, thesauri, ontologies. The concept of the technological platform maintaining such research infrastructure is presented in details.

The conceptual model is developed under the successfully completed 7FP European project MONDILEX, coordinated by IMI of BAS. The partners are research organizations from Bulgaria, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Russian Federation and Ukraine. (The leader of the international team is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ludmila Dimitrova)

The result is published in the official report of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for 2010, available here.